The answer is in trees. If it doesn't come from us, it will have to come in this way from someplace else.

The Five Concepts underlying fluidity are fundamental. They were developed as an outgrowth of other, unrelated efforts, but the power of the model is that it is universal. For more information on these, refer to the links to the left. There is significant documentation of these issues and the potential for improved governance in support of optimum performance living.

As an example, musicians can perform at an amazing level due to the power of their organizational model. That model -- specialized for the production of sound -- exhibits dual control to be sure. The nature of that model is not as a metaphor or parable, but an example of how a fundamental knowledge construct can be used for full understanding and exposition of natural phenomena. The range of audible sound supported by the musical model is very small relative to the electromagnetic spectrum in its entirety. Use of tree-based process models allows for expansion of the range of understanding and support of phenomena in that spectrum.